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Musical Instruments

I made my first violin in the late 1980’s during a couple of Easter Courses at West Dean college near Chichester. These courses lasted 9 days over the Easter Holiday and were a marvellous opportunity for those interested in making musical instruments of all sorts to be taught by talented teachers in a well equipped workshop in beautiful surroundings. The courses continue to this day. I was taught first by Jane Julier– a maker of beautiful viols and then by Tony and Louise Padday – two great violin/cello makers. Thanks to their skill I managed to produce a playable instrument which is still in use by my grand-daughter today. I subsequently made a second instrument which ended up virtually indistinguishable from the first! This led me to an interest in making other instruments and over the years I have completed a number including guitars, lutes, a cittern, all with Zachary Taylor , an electric guitar and even an oboe with Eric Moulder.