A Tale of Two Gates

One thing to be said about McCarthy and Stone is they don’t rush into things. And in their speak “next week” is a synonymous with “At some indeterminate time in the future”.

At move-in there were metal gates at the entrance to the drive. These had been seriously damaged by construction vehicles. After some weeks they were replaced. We were told they would be automatic and would open on the approach of a vehicle. However the activation unit would be installed “next week”. Several weeks later two guys arrived an installed some wiring followed after further delay but two guys who attached something to the gates themselves.

However there was still no sign of the gate actually being capable of movement. A man arrived, spent some time looking at them and talking on his mobile phone but eventually went away with the gates still immobile.

Finally, after further weeks, guys arrived and the gates were seen actually opening and closing of their own volition. However, not the end of the story. An incoming vehicle narrowly avoided crashing into them and outgoing vehicles were nearly hit by the opening gates if they stopped too close to them. More delay and someone arrived to put black and yellow stripes on top of the gates to deal with the first problem. The solution to the second is apparently a white line on the road indicating the safe place for cars to wait for the gates to open.

Finally, eight months after move-in, the gates are now working.